I have many badges - a member of the SNP since the age of 10, a life long Hibs supporter, a proud and active Leither, an occasional painter, a dog lover - or rather a lover of one particular dog; my own Tia. 

I am best known as the founder of a Scottish youth employment charity - WorkingRite. I am pleased with my greying goaty beard. I wear waistcoats and a trilby hat…. and sometimes I wear a frock. 

So now I have another badge. On my 60th birthday I came out as my own version of Trans. It feels natural to me to literally cross-dress, mix-dress, or as I have coined - being dress fluid. I know I am a man, but I hate the prison of men’s clothes - at least the prison my generation of men has lived with. 

Since early childhood I have known gender confusion, but thanks to the courage of the younger generation, I am confused no more. I feel blessed to be alive at this point in history - when the presence and acceptance of trans people has finally burst through. I am now at peace with the complexity of my male-ness. But it is my male-ness. It is trans dress fluid.

Now all my badges are coming together. A single flag where each badge has its pride of place and makes up a private, public and colourful whole.

I am a silver fox in a frock! - as a beaming woman shouted over the road to me last summer in Brighton. I am Sandy Campbell. Welcome to my blog...